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Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain

The Memory Artists


Flare Magazine Interview
(September 2004)
By Juliet Waters

1. Are you like a household name in the U.K. now? Were you in fact mobbed in Edinburgh? Mini- mobbed?

Not quite, although on Princes Street one woman did come tearing after me for an autograph, mistaking me for another writer. And after my reading at the festival, rumours began to swirl about shrieking teens chasing me in scenes reminiscent of A Hard Day's Night. Although I started these rumours, I am more popular in Britain than in Canada. But even more popular—unaccountably—in Italy, where I was actually stalked by a beautiful, stylish and intelligent woman who confessed that she had "fallen in love with Jeremy" (a character in my first novel). She eventually entrusted me with a long and rambling love letter that I was to give to Jeremy who, incidentally, she had seen walking around Turin...

2. Are you secretly as critical of other people's fashion sense as Norval?

Like Norval, I wonder what men actually see when they look in the mirror, as they sport drapery-width pants with the crotch at knee-level, revealing the cleft of their arse. Mind you, a woman in a bare-midriff top revealing a paunch is not a happy combination either, and equally baffling.

3. Have you ever felt there was such a thing as the Canadian male (compared to let's say the American male, the British male, or French male).

Exceptions abound, of course, but the main difference lies in things like humility and understatement, or lack thereof. When the French or American or Canadian male tries to entice you to his "country manor," you can be reasonably sure it's a shack. When the British male invites you to his "country shack," you can be reasonably sure it's a manor.

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