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Synopsis of The Memory Artists

Noel Burun is a hypermnesic synaesthete: his memory is unrelentingly exact, and when people speak he sees their words as vibrant explosions of colour, often leaving him bewildered and befuddled. His mother, Stella, on the other hand, is slowly sinking into the quicksand of Alzheimer's. A man who remembers too much and a woman who remembers too little-both struggle to make sense of their worlds in a house bloated with memories.

Norval is Noel's double: a one-time novelist and full-time Lothario whose memory is tainted by an unfinished love story. He, along with JJ, who is trapped by nostalgia for his childhood, and Samira-who is trying to escape a former identity-all have a role to play in Noel's sometimes heartbreaking, often hilarious quest to find a cure for his mother's condition.