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Synopsis of Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain

It is by no means clear just how much control Jeremy Davenant has over his own life. For he's convinced that the blueprint of his future already exists-on a page plucked from a random book. Romantic, fatalistic, quixotic, he blithely teaches with forged credentials at a Montreal university while waiting for his life to unfold. Yet one glance from a dark lady in the street below, and his life veers into chaotic mischance and obsession.

The trouble is that Jeremy's life is full of signs. The Page, a childhood gift from his mischievous "uncle" Gerard, is supposed to to chart out his destiny-which is how the Zulu tyrant Shaka, the Indian love epic Shakuntala, and the city of Shakhtyorsk in the Ukraine all begin to feature in his life-along with William Shakespeare and, of course, his Dark Lady.

When Jeremy falls suddenly and inexplicably in love with a dark-skinned woman–the half-Indian Milena–he is convinced that their encounter has been foretold on the Page. But Milena's life (not to mention her sexual identity) requires as much decoding as the Page, and Jeremy stumbles after her into farce, terror and, for a brief spell, bliss.