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Click For Larger View Born in Montreal, Jeffrey Moore was educated at the University of Toronto, the Sorbonne (Paris) and the University of Ottawa. He is currently a freelance translator and Lecturer in Translation at the Université de Montréal. He works for museums, theatres, dance companies and film festivals around the world, and has an extensive list of published translations to his credit, including Magritte, Century of Splendour and Lost Paradise-Symbolist Europe.

Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain, his first novel written over several years in Canada, Scotland, England, Hungary and Bali, was a finalist for the QSPELL Literary Awards and winner of both the regional and international Commonwealth Writers Prize 2000. The Memory Artists (2004) won the Canadian Authors Association Award (Best Novel), and was shortlisted for the Rogers' Writers Trust Award, Sunburst Award, Hugh MacLennan Prize and Wordsworthy Award. Both novels have been published in some 20 countries and optioned for film. His third novel, The Extinction Club, was published by Penguin Canada and Quercus (UK) in 2010 and by Arcade (U.S.) in 2013. It was shortlisted for the Hugh MacLennan Prize (Best Novel) and Arthur Ellis Award (Best Mystery) and longlisted for the Dublin IMPAC Award.  

He currently divides his time between Montreal and Val Morin, Quebec.